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We can aspire to be reliably sane, despite our fear.

Feeling fear is not weakness. We do not need to suppress our fear.

But what we choose to do with that fear is up to us.

We can follow the wisdom of Aristotle, and seek the middle point between recklessness and cowardice — courage.

If we can feel the fear, and act with courage, then we can be like a steady oak that others can rely on for shelter and stability during the storm.

We won’t always be able to be oak-like. Sometimes we will need others to be an oak for us.

But if we each strive to be an oak, to be reliably sane, to seek balanced courage despite our fear — then on average we will be able to support ourselves and we will be able to support each other.

We control how we respond. By choosing responses that lead to sanity, we make ourselves more oak-like. We do this one decision at a time — one response at a time.

Trust that others are trying to do the same. Choose to believe that we are all doing the best we can.

Strive to be someone others can rely on. Especially in difficult times, Be reliably sane.