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We are capable of nourishing ourselves.

Sometimes, we are the only person we have. Hopefully not for long. But there will be times in our lives when there is no one else to nourish us. There will be times when we are in need of care and there won’t be someone there to take care of us in that very moment.

Luckily, we are capable of nourishing ourselves. We can give ourselves the love and kindness we need. It doesn’t always have to come from without, it can also come from within.

This doesn’t mean we are a rock. Nor are we an island. Existing in a silo forever is incredibly difficult.

But we can learn to nourish ourselves. Better to have it and not to need it. Though I suspect that for most of us, we very often do need it. We need to love ourselves.

This is especially true in the little in-between moments. These moments combine together to make up a lot of our lives.

Nourishing ourselves can take many different shapes.

We can nourish ourselves by actively cultivating parts of our lives that bring us joy. This is especially the case towards things that bring us joy and also don’t make us feel bad afterwards.

We can nourish ourselves by trading our expectations for appreciations. By actively practicing gratitude.

We can even nourish ourselves by nourishing others.

In moments of great pain, we can show ourselves the kindness of accepting our present moment experience.

There are umpteen ways to nourish ourselves.

Nourishing ourselves is always available to us, in every moment, even when we are completely alone. I find it comforting to remember that we always have the ability to help ourselves. At the least, we nourish ourselves each time we take in our next breath.