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Many of us are at home right now, either working from home or suddenly unemployed. Either way, we have more free time than we are used to. We should make the most of this time.

No one is looking.

In that video, Jocko brings up the idea that Integrity is what you do when no one is looking. Part of integrity is about doing the right thing even if nobody is there to police you. There’s certainly an element of that aspect of integrity that’s involved in social distancing and the stricter hygiene habits we should all be following right now. But the unexpected twist that Jocko took is what interests me even more – since nobody is looking right now, we have a unique chance to develop ourselves and to come out of this better and more capable than we were before. Nobody will know that we weren’t already like this. They won’t realize that we did all this extra work while no one was looking. Or maybe they will realize. Either way, this is not an opportunity to be wasted.

This is a chance to become more capable than you already are. That might mean learning new skills or new subjects. It might mean learning how to budget more strictly and realizing that you can live with less than you thought you needed. Or it might mean learning how to take better care of each other by actively trying to facilitate moments of connection. It’s definitely more difficult to connect over video chat than it is in person, so if you can get good at really connecting during a zoom conversation you’ll be able to do a lot of good when we all return to the outside world.

I’m going to use this extra time to try to build an intermediate level of knowledge of economics. I think that doing that will make me more capable when approaching a range of different situations. Depending on how long this goes on, there are several other fields that I’d love to be better acquainted with – biology, chemistry, physics, philosophy, computer science – the list goes on.

This is all doable for free, on the internet, right now. Khan Academy, Coursera, and Youtube are all you need in order to learn a new subject.

There’s also your anti-library to work through.

No one is looking. It’s a good time to get better. For yourself. But also, for the world we shall all return to eventually.