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The days are starting to blend together.

The routines that we are hoping to make sacred — make rituals — sometimes feel dull and repetitive.

Sometimes even the idea of talking to a friend feels unappealing because COVID is so likely to dominate the conversation whether explicitly or implicitly.

It feels like some necessary amount of randomness is missing. Some bits and pieces of what make up our normal experience of humanness.

Things aren’t normal right now, but we can seek out humanity. We can swim towards it.

Bring back the randomness by looking at the details. Take in the full experience of what we are doing and seeing, big and small.

When we pour our tea, we can notice the way that the steam drifts up off the surface of the water as it slowly changes colour.

We can ask our friends to tell us a story about their past.

We can reread a book we love, with the new eyes of our current age and what life has shown us since we last read it.

Lean in to really taking in the tiny details of everyday existence. Notice all the beautiful bits of randomness that are there, waiting to be noticed. They are there in books, in movies, on the internet, in conversations, and in every waking moment.

Perhaps in these tiny details we can find some solace. Perhaps in these tiny details we can see a mirror of our humanness.

It could be a relief.