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There are days when we decide to push ourselves. On those days, we are playing for tomorrow.

It’s hard to keep showing up everyday and doing the work when it feels like you’re in a loop.

But if we don’t show up often enough, nothing gets done. That just makes us feel worse.

When we play for tomorrow, we show up and do the work, even when we’re not feeling it. We show up, and we do what we’re capable of doing on this day, in this moment.

It’s a balancing act. We don’t want to ignore how we’re feeling, but we also don’t want to give in to how we’re feeling. We want to be kind to ourselves, but we also want to live in line with our intentions.

We know that if we’re too easy on ourselves, too often, nothing will get done.

So, we can accept that we don’t want to work, and still go to work.

We do this, by playing for tomorrow.