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We are in a paradigm shifting moment. There’s a sense that we need to recalibrate. But it’s not entirely clear what we need to recalibrate towards. It sort of feels like we need more time to figure that out.

In some ways, yes, we do need more time. But there are also ways that we can start to recalibrate immediately.

We can recalibrate towards what is truly beautiful, towards human connection, and towards meaning.

We can move towards taking delight in the magic of our very existence.

It’s a gift to be alive. As Gary Vaynerchuk loves to remind us, the chances of any one of us existing, to begin with, are 400 trillion to 1. The fact that each and every one of us exists is nothing short of a statistical miracle. Even amidst the sorrow and pain in the world, this miracle of life continues.

As long as we continue to breathe.