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I explore ideas about mental & spiritual fitness, influenced by psychology, philosophy, religion, and stories.


I often feel pulled between different values that sometimes seem incompatible. I often hold beliefs that are in conflict with each other.

Kindness, courage, discipline, honesty.

I think it’s difficult to know what to do, when the actions that we might take based on these values (and others) come into conflict with one and other. But I also think that this tension between values could lead to something useful. I want to find ways to act at the intersection of these values.

What do you get when you combine kindness and honesty and directness? Something good, I hope.

Perhaps the same is true for the middle way that can be found in many situations if we combine an array of values with mental models and the context currently at hand.

The writing I do here is my attempt at exploring how we might act based on the intersection of values.

If you find yourself often torn between competing values, mental models, and beliefs, then you might find some of my articles interesting.

Ultimately, pretty much everything I write ends up being about mental or spiritual fitness. I tend to explore topics related to psychology, philosophy, creativity, and mindfulness.


My name is David Manuel. My internet name is David Eliot Manuel, because there are a lot of David Manuels.

I’m working towards a career as a psychotherapist.

I’m also trying to be a partially autodidactic multidisciplinary werewolf.

I’m based in Vancouver, B.C.

I was born in Bombay, I spent my early childhood in Hong Kong, and I’ve lived in B.C. since 1999. I studied at Simon Fraser University and graduated in 2013 with a B.F.A. in Film Production. I’m currently doing a second degree in Psychology at the University of British Columbia.

I want to bring more kindness, courage, and connection to the world. I try to orient my actions and writing around these values. My hope is that through a combination of my writing and interdisciplinary therapeutic practices I may be able to help share contexts and facilitate connections that bring people together.

I’m obsessed with ideas about meaning and expression, and I love the process of trying to make creative work that is directly beneficial to someone else.